The Systems. The Culture. The People.

At INNOVATE Real Estate, you’ll find the systems, the culture, and the people you need to navigate the changing business of real estate and take you to the next level.

When you join us, you become part of a family of innovators and motivators whose primary focus is to help you dream bigger, plan better, exceed your goals, earn more, and be heard.

Tech-Forward, Agent-Centric, Client-Focused, Family-First, Growth Minded, and a Culture of Generosity…in an industry that is constantly evolving, our core values are our north star.

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You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realization.

The INNOVATE difference.

A complete tech stack of award-winning, innovative technology built with only two things in mind, automating your work-flow so you can focus on your clients and helping you to increase productivity.

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A Fast Track to 100% Commission, a Residual Income Plan offering you long-term passive income, Company Ownership Shares, and no complex mathematical calculations to understand. You deserve this.

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If you aren’t growing and evolving, you’re standing still. We truly believe that…so much so that Growth Minded is one of our Core Values. As a result, we’re committed to giving our Agents every opportunity to improve their skills, their strategies, and their mindsets.

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Your Team. Our Support.
Nobody understands teams more than us. In fact, we started our brokerage because the options for building teams at other brokerages were not easy to navigate or financially viable. We are committed to supporting and helping motivated team leaders build great teams.

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From a full suite of professionally designed, completely customizable marketing materials and the technology to automate your marketing, to an in-house marketing team, we give you all the tools and support to brand yourself as THE real estate professional in your area.

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Innovators. Motivators. Educators. Collaborators. Creators.

INNOVATE is an Agent-Centric brokerage led by an Agent-Centric team.

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We’re not just building a brand, we’re building a vision. 

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It's your time to thrive.

We’re on a mission to elevate the business, elevate the transaction, elevate the industry, elevate the clients, and elevate each other.

Fueled by a commitment to a mindset of continuous improvement, adaptability, and a willingness to explore uncharted territories, we’re pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking to bring about meaningful and positive transformations.

Innovators, Motivators, Educators, Collaborators, Creators.

Take charge of your financial future.


We offer two Commission Plans so Agents can choose the one that best suits their life and their business.

85% Split with a $15,000 Cap (100% after Cap)   |   95% Split with No Cap


Our Revenue Share Plan is simple, easy to understand, and aggressive. For every Agent you refer to INNOVATE, you’ll receive residual commission up to 5 tiers – for the life of those Agents at INNOVATE.


Giving stocks of INNOVATE to our Agents means they share in our growth in every possible way. Stock is earned through incentives, initiatives, milestones, and bonuses. (INNOVATE Real Estate is a privately held corporation.)

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