To say we're Team Friendly is an understatement.

In fact, INNOVATE was started because the options for Teams at other brokerages just weren’t easy to navigate or financially viable. We’ve made it part of our mission to support and help build great teams.

Your Team. Our Support.

When you become a Team Leader, you take on a substantial amount of financial and personal responsibility. Nobody understands that more than us.

When you join a team, you put your financial future and a lot of faith in your Team Leader. We get that too.

At INNOVATE, we’re committed to offering our Teams all the services and support to grow the team they envision, and to be successful doing it.

Thinking about starting your own real estate team?

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  • Any active INNOVATE agent can start a team. There are no production requirements to start at team.
  • Every agent pays the same amount in fees. Team fees are not higher.
  • Every agent is capped individually. The Team Leader caps at $15,000 and Team Members cap at $7,500.
  • A Spouse Team caps at one cumulative amount of $15,000. Spousal Teams consist of two legally married real estate agents performing as one.
  • Teams must sign a Team Agreement and share a team roster with INNOVATE. Team members are required to go through INNOVATE onboarding.
  • The INNOVATE Team Agreement requires a minimum 25% referral fee to be paid to the Team Leader.
  • In regards to INNOVATE’s private equity shares, every agent is treated individually and has the opportunity to share in the ownership of INNOVATE.
  • Team Leader Masterminds, Training, and Classes geared directly towards Team Leaders.
    INNOVATE on-boarding, training, and support for all team members.

Take back control of your legacy.

Start a conversation with our team and let’s make things happen!

Ready to build a team?

Grab a copy of our FAQ's about how and when to get started!