Be well-compensated for your work, be fully supported with the best systems and people, experience collaboration and connection with your co-workers, and build your retirement plan. It’s really that simple.

A plan that sets you up for success.

We also offer a 95/5 Commission Plan with no CAP

Our Referral Residual Income plan is passive aggressive.

Passive Income. Aggressive Plan.

It starts with a conversation…and that’s pretty much where your responsibility ends as well.

You have conversations with real estate professionals every day. If you happen to talk to someone who you think would make a great INNOVATOR, send us their information and we’ll do the heavy lifting. That’s it! Your obligation ends there – no mentoring, no follow-up, no nothing. From there, you just collect your revenue share payments for as long as that agent remains with INNOVATE. When you retire from INNOVATE, you still receive payments.

It’s an aggressive plan…one of the most aggressive referral residual income plans in the business. But a major part of being an Agent Centric brokerage, means that we put the programs in place to help you develop sources of passive income to fuel your retirement, your dreams, and your peace of mind. There’s no “unlocking” or any of the other obscure stipulations. You introduce an agent to INNOVATE, we do the heavy lifting, and you reap the rewards.

Company Ownership.

When we say we want to be your forever brokerage, we mean it. Giving private equity shares of INNOVATE to our Agents means they share in our growth in every possible way. It’s our way of giving everyone a seat at the table and furthering our commitment to the idea that our Agents don’t work for us, we work for them.

Shares are earned through incentives, initiatives, milestones, and bonuses. The initiatives change annually so everyone has a chance to become owners.

Take back control of your earnings.

Start a conversation with our team and let’s make things happen!